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Cut & Blowdry 

Redesign Cut & Blowdry


Short Blowdry 

Long Blowdry  




From £28

From £34


Olaplex In Colour

This treatment can be added into your hair colour or you can have it as a stand alone treatment with either a Cut & Blowdry or Blowdry.


Olaplex' protein technology doesn’t just protect your hair during the colouring process, it repairs it and restores its strength. We build integrity within the hair’s structure, leaving it feeling thick, lustrous and healthy. 


Stand Alone Olaplex

Deep Conditioning Mask







Hair colour services do not include a cut and bow dry or blow-dry, please add this on.

Balayage (incudes root strech & toner)


Full Head Foils 


Half Head Foils 


T-Zone Foils 


Parting Foils

Root Stretch



From £140


From £81


From £60


From £45


From £34

From £25


From £23

Partial Tint 

Regrowth Tint 

Regrowth & Gloss 

Semi Permanent Gloss

Extra Long/Thick Hair

During your consultation your stylist

will decide if this needs to be added

Colour Correction 


From £40

From £46


From £37

From £15



Price List

Patch tests for a colour service are a legal requirement therefor you are required to book a consultation before your colour service no less than 24 hours before your hair appointment. 


Patch testing is also for your own safety to make sure that you don't have an allergic reaction. 

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